My Books

There are, of course, many places online where you can buy books. I encourage you to support your independent local bookseller. If you haven’t got one, I highly recommend the excellent service and knowledgeable owners at Apple Valley Books. They support local authors, too!


The Recovery Spiral (2004): Employing an eclectic mix of ancient wisdom, modern psychology and creative spiritual empowerment to help readers recover from trauma and destructive behaviour – from drug abuse to sexual issues to overspending – this book interweaves principles from Building a Magical Relationship with a 12-step program for recovery and healing. This groundbreaking work will help those readers who cannot find help in standard 12-step recovery literature, which does little to aid those who do not practice a traditional religion.



Building a Magical Relationship 

Written with Jane Raeburn, this relationship guide combines real-world expertise with spiritual and magical principles of Wicca and Pagan religions, employing an eclectic mix of ancient mythology, modern psychology, and spiritual empowerment spells to help readers build loving, lasting bonds. The Wiccan Circle offers readers a template for a successful union, with one principle for each of the four cardinal directions (Equality, Consensus, Honesty, Freedom) and one (Balance) for the center. Because every relationship is unique, a variety of partnerings are considered and celebrated without judgment or bias — from same-sex couples to traditional marriage and Pagan handfastings to multi-partner relationships.